Rain Drops

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Here are some pictures I took last week. The bottom two were from a morning walk at the Duck Pond with Logan. The top one was taken Saturday after Hannah's soccer game. We were half way through our 9 am soccer game when the rain finally arrived. We lost the game sad to say but the day was not a total loss.... well for me it wasn't :) We have two porches on our house so I grabbed my mono pod, a chair, and my camera and went out to get some rain drop pictures. Why who knows but for a while now I am have been obsessed with trying to perfect the perfect rain drop picture. These are great but to my standards I am getting a tad closer but could do much much better!
Will have the rest of the rain drop images posted on my better photo site. www.betterphoto.com?sadonna
Have a good week.