Windows 7 and more

Saturday, May 9, 2009

It seems to be a while since I have had a chance to post any new pictures on here. For that I am deeply sorry but it seems since March I have been none stop busy. Just like my chineese horoscope 2009 has turned out so far to be a really good year for me.

Did you know there is a new windows program? Yep Windows 7 its free for now which means its still beta but so far it rocks. Its a little bit of Win XP mixed with a little Mac and less Vista which I like. So far its running smooth it runs Lightroom 2.3 (which I am now using and learning), and Photoshop CS3.

They have these gadgets where you can have them on your desktop which is where I am typing this post as we speak. Now I wont forget to keep blog updates since clearly its on my desk top. I like the post it notes no more pieces of paper all over my desk for me to lose.

It took me 9 hrs to install the program only because I have a lot of programs I use for my editing where as it only took my husband 5 hrs go figure. So far its pretty solid program, love the smoothness of the design the themes are really cool. OH forgot to tell you that. Windows has themes and it changes its picture every so many minutes or so you can go online and get other themes. Right now my theme is Scottland and its beautiful.

Well I am off to clean the house and enjoy the weekend. If you are a mom, soon to be mom Happy Mothers Day or have a mom take the time to wish them all a Happy Mothers Day as well.

Will post pictures soon so many to show you that I know you will just love!