Busy Day

Monday, September 8, 2008

Today has turned out to be a very busy day for a Monday. Course I am not surprised since its the first day of the week and everybody is back to work and school. I normally take Monday off when it comes to my photography. But today I am unable to escape the urge to jump into photoshop and start editing. Course my growing pile of stack of important papers on my desk tell me that there will be no fun or no playing in photoshop today. So I give you just one picture as its so cute and could not resist.

Last night I was frantically looking for a set of images that I needed for a client. Should say that I did find them took me a while and a few stressed complaint sessions to my husband. He is such a good listener let me tell you! For those who are just curious to know they were in a folder named after something else. Totally forgot that I combined two sessions into one folder to save me time, and room. Why my logic of that who knows it was many many months ago but its all good now that I have found them. Any ways last night I was going through some old albums and found our vacation pictures to Roaring River in MO. My son is just a cutie and loves to pose. But while checking them out I was playing with the settings and managed to find a good picture of him and I looking cool in our sun glasses.
Hope you have a good week!