Happy Birthday to ME!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Today is my birthday! I turn the big 32, its hard to believe its been 13 yrs since high school, I am a mom to a teenager and I am barely into my 30's. The twenties were great but loving the 30's as well! Don't know how happy I will be when I hit 40 but for now I am happy and life has treated me good!

Below is a picture of a photo purse that I am getting for my birthday. My husband said I could get either the purse or some clothes and weight heavy on the clothes idea. Me being a women went for the new purse ;) For a year now I have had the web site saved the image planned and knew exactly what bag to get! So come tomorrow I am ordering this baby! It takes 2-3wks to receive it so hopefully it will come sooner!

This is also added in my Specialty item list so if you like this and want a picture I have taken of your beautiful children then contact me for more info!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

One of Logan's favorite things to do is go for walks at the duck pond. Course I don't mind because I find something new to photograph while I am there. Decided to use my 50mm f/1.8 lens that I hardly use to see if I was going to like using a fixed lens for portraits. Have to say it was not that bad and in the end got some really nice pictures. Here is a few from Logans 3 yr old session!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Most of us usually get a lot of our creative ideas in the wee hours of the night. That is usually the case for me. Over the past 6 months I have decided to try my hand at designing my own logos. It was partly due to the fact I could not afford to pay somebody to make one. So instead I set out to try to replicate a design that I usually liked. Or if I was bored and was stuck creatively on editing photos I would resort to making a new logo for my myspace, or web site ( which sometimes is often). Thought I would share a few that I have done recently. As you can tell by the list I do a few logos for friends as well.

If you would like a logo made contact me for further information.

Sneak Peak of James..

This is James he is 3 months old and a absolute cutie! Had so much fun taking his pictures and look forward to many many more sessions. And check out that hat! So cute. More to come of this session soon.

Here is the same pose only in Black and White. I could not decided which I liked the most so just decided to post both.


Yesterday was such a busy day for me. Both boys had a birthday party at the same time and same place (thankfully). Hannah had a soccer game and I had a family session. From the moment we got up in the morning it was go go go none stop till around 6pm. Thankfully it was a nice day would of been better had we not had the usual Oklahoma wind. But over all it was rather pleasant. When it comes to my sessions I always edit them in the order they were taken. But I knew while taking pictures that this family portraits would be a exception to the rule. I have yet to show you another cute boy named James. Whom is just adorable and was sporting a rather cute brown hate. I will post those hopefully this week.

Speaking of posting sorry I am behind. Ryan broke his collar bone on Monday and there for I am behind on all things photography related. He goes back to school this week even though I am still a tad nervous about it. Now on to what we are here for sneak peak of Dallas and his very beautiful parents.

Dallas is only 3 wks old and was very very good during our session. He slept the whole time and towards the end I thought he was going to wake up a little but quickly went right back to sleep. Hope you enjoy the sneak peaks will have more to come of this session as time progresses!