Tots 2 Teens by Sandy Puc

Monday, February 23, 2009

The seminar was amazing and I learned so much! We went over by a hour but it was okay and well worth it to say the least. Through out the whole seminar there were so many things I could not wait to try out with my own studio. Starting out in this business can be very stressful and daunting since most of the equipment we need is very expensive. With Sandy she lets you know its okay if you have to make do with what you have just gather little things along the way and before you know it your business is taking off.

She teaches you how to market your business, target the right clients, keep the faithful clients and how to keep going during down time seasons. What not to say and what to say to get kids to do what you want and to get the shot that you are after. Bribery is the #1 key.. And the number one key is CANDY! You can't go wrong with candy for every child can not live with out it. Change up your techniques and keep them going pretty fast so that way the child ore children wont have time to think of any thing else.

Another technique she shares is how the Chicken is a photographers friend! Why is that you say well because it scares the child and also stops them dead in their tracks so there fore they will listen to you and also you get the shot that you want. Its a ONE time shot so make sure you are behind your camera when you spring the chicken. When you are going to be using mom to get a childs attention or mom is going to talk make sure she is behind you or beside you so that way the child is looking up and you get a great angle and of course the shot you need. Once its over thats it you wont get it back so make sure to be prepaired.

Never say NO. This rule applies to everybody including moms. Kids hear the word no all the time and there for they result that with no fun and you want your studio to be fun along with your session so No is not a option. Another way to get a childs attention is the treat box have one not just for small children but one for teens as well ( filled with more stuff like chocolate and stuff) also have cheap toys on hand for those who can not have candy. Dum Dums and Smartees are a safe bet as well.

Say funny phrases they envoke smiles. Here are a few..

Okay everyone. Look right here and say "Mommy is a monkey!" and "Daddy wears diappers!"
Its not unusual for the kids to laugh and then look at their parent. As soon as they turn, say "Hey your mom isn't a monkey, is she?" This brings their eyes back to you for that shot.

Other phrases that work: "Say, 'Yes'" Yes has a way of making a nice soft expression, Also, instructing a child to say "yeehaww!" "ooh-la-la" and "hubba-hubba" always brings a smile. For older children, you can ask them to say "I'm gorgeous" or I'm so good looking!" The cute embarrassed smile is an adorable look.

There are so much to learn in such a little time but with patience and a great attitude you to can capture beautiful images and have a very successful business! If you are on the fence about this seminar let me tell you first hand you wont want to miss this. So jump off the fence and sign up today. If Sandy is coming to your town and you have not signed up don't wait. The seminar is 79.00 with the promo code APR09 you only pay 59.00!

Next year she is doing one towards Families.. I can't wait ;) Thank you to Andrea and Misty for going with me we had such a wonderful time and learned so much. It doesn't matter if every photographer in town is there you will all walk away with different ideas and aspects on how it will work for YOU!


Center of Attention Photography said...

I am sooo much more excited to go to this now! Your blog looks really awesome!

Sadonna Lynn Photography said...

Thanks you really will love the show. I wish I went to see Babies and Bellies. Considering buying or trying to buy most of the dvds she offers for sale. Make sure you check out the Finao vendor. Their books are AMAZING. And would be perfect for your brides.