Happy Birthday to ME!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Today is my birthday! I turn the big 32, its hard to believe its been 13 yrs since high school, I am a mom to a teenager and I am barely into my 30's. The twenties were great but loving the 30's as well! Don't know how happy I will be when I hit 40 but for now I am happy and life has treated me good!

Below is a picture of a photo purse that I am getting for my birthday. My husband said I could get either the purse or some clothes and weight heavy on the clothes idea. Me being a women went for the new purse ;) For a year now I have had the web site saved the image planned and knew exactly what bag to get! So come tomorrow I am ordering this baby! It takes 2-3wks to receive it so hopefully it will come sooner!

This is also added in my Specialty item list so if you like this and want a picture I have taken of your beautiful children then contact me for more info!