Sunday, October 5, 2008

I was watching Ellen this weekend (catching up on recordings) and she had Leo DiCaprio on her show. They were showing a video that he had made along with many other celebs about voting. This is really important for us to vote this election. I can not seem to say that enough these days. I too was one that said oh my vote doesn't matter... specially in Oklahoma. I am a Democrat and Oklahoma is a Republican state so voting never even made a difference in past elections. But this year I think America has really spoken how they really believe and feel our country should be ran.

Some have seen my bulletin on myspace with the same video. Want to WAREN you that this video is not censored! To watch a censored version go to and type in 5 Friends in the search box. But to be honest we are adults so I think we can handle a few curse words!

Pass this video on to 5 or more friends... heck pass it on to your whole contact list in your email box, I know I am!

Click link below to view video. Sorry could not post on blog site.